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Fear the walking dead is a shell of what it was. What it was supposed to be. Dave Erickson created an amazing show, only to have his successors Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg completely rebrand it to cater to a new audience. Fans who've watched from the very beginning will notice the show's subtle change in tone from a dark gritty horror drama to a more light-hearted slow-paced story. In a sense, the last two seasons have come off as a parody of the original show. This was apparent as early as the months leading up to season 5 when the showrunners decided to market the cast as an avengers ensemble facing off against walkers. This was subtle, but it was only the beginning. Since then, the show has lost all sense of reality, such as having characters pilot hot air balloons, repair broken planes, and of course splitting a bullet with an axe. The marketing material has followed suit introducing new concepts such as combo kills, walker kill of the week, and walkie awards (seriously?). Was there any doubt the show was trying to expand its brand and cater to a younger demographic? This was a HUGE insult to the original fans and to Dave. Killing Madison off was what started the ultimate downfall of fear. And yet they managed to top this by killing her off and replacing her with Morgan. The dullest, most irritating and over-saturated character in the walking dead universe. He's completely neutered the main cast (what's left of them), and spread a pacifist attitude that's made the show lifeless. Let me reiterate that Morgan is a very complex and multilayered character (Lennie James is a phenomal actor), or he at least was during his time on the TWD. Remember the episode "Bury me hear"? His character thrived best when he was Rick's sidekick or leading the B plot of TWD episodes. The showrunners forced his character into the spotlight and it's backfired terribly. This is not the Morgan help people show. Morgan is not a lead. This is and should've been Madison’s show.

We all know Andrew and Ian won’t listen to us, as they only care about their new expanded audience and the revenue that comes with it. The only way to fix fear is to bring attention to this and hope the higher ups at AMC take note of it, and bring Dave back, or at the very least bring in a competent show runner. Community did it after their season 4 debacle which lead to Dan Harmon returning for season 5. So why can't this work for Fear? Dave would be the ideal candidate to fix this mess. After all, he is co-creator. He had a vision all planned out and Andrew and Ian threw it out for a dull, boring, and downright silly premise centered on helping people. The show has now followed this story since the back half of season 4, and fans and critics have had enough. Season 5 (and most of 4) was riddled with Scott Gimple-like dialogue, terrible writing, little to no conflict or stakes, and worst of all ruined all the remaining original cast members. All this earned season 5 the very first rotten rating of either show, while viewership numbers have also seen a steep decline since 4A. This is now a taint on the walking dead franchise and one would think AMC would take action and right the ship. We need a new show runner to bring the real FEAR back into this show. That can’t happen until AMC fires Chambliss and Goldberg. Enough is enough!

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