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Fire Scott Gimple as TWD's Showrunner

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It's no doubt that since season 4 of TWD things have been steadily heading downhill. The plot holes,  fake outs,  mid season finale kills, along with this sudden need to make the show feel artsy with over done montages and these almost cartoonish characters make it hard to follow, appreciate and want to continue watching what was once a great show. At the root of it all, is Gimple. who took over as show runner in season 4  and in his tenure has failed to consider the fans, the characters and the overall story. Under his "reign." the walking dead has become nothing more then filler, build up and unsatisfying "Shocks". Scott Gimple had his chance to prove he could uphold TWD and has failed on every occasion, Negan's introduction, The kingdoms introduction, the overall plot of the "All Out War" arc to the Cringe worthy appearance of the trash people and now the death of Carl Grimes. We as fans of the show are willing to sit through these atrocities because we are committed to the characters and their journey. we as the viewers and the fans hold the power to save this show, and it starts by getting rid of the parasite that is Scott Gimple. 

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