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Legalize backyard chickens in Maple Grove, MN

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Maple Grove has taken some great steps to reduce our cities’ impact on the environment.  Let's take the next step by allowing residents to keep backyard chickens.  Chickens are a great tool for those that want to live more sustainably.  They eat food scraps, which reduces overall waste from going to landfills.  They produce eggs, which promotes locally-grown food and lowers our carbon footprint.  Chickens also eat insects, which is helpful for gardeners and those that just don’t like mosquitos, ticks, and Japanese Beetles. 

Almost every surrounding city has legalized backyard chickens, including Crystal, New Hope, Osseo, Coon Rapids, Minneapolis, St Paul, Edina, Mahtomedi, and Eden Prairie.  We have realized there are many out there who support this.  

Some of the most common myths about chickens: they smell, they are noisy, and they will attract predators.  All of these are untrue! A well-maintained chicken coop has absolutely no smell! Chickens produce less waste than the average dog on a daily basis, and the manure can be composted into a nitrogen rich fertilizer for the garden/yard.  Chickens also make little to no noise.  Roosters are responsible for crowing, but are not necessary to keep with a flock of chickens to lay eggs.  Hens (female chickens) make soft cooing and clucking sounds, and are very quiet after dark.  They’re certainly a lot quieter than a barking dog or a lawn mower.  Finally, predators are already living in our midst (e.g. hawks, coyotes), and they are already preying on the existing rabbits, squirrels, and other small animals.  Chickens will not attract more predators.  As long as your chickens are kept in a safe enclosure, there is no risk of attracting more predators. 

*****On February 20th we will be approaching city council to start the process of legalizing chickens in Maple Grove. This is the first major step in changing this ordinance.  It would be great to have a ton of supporters join us that night.  The meeting is at 7:30pm on Tuesday, February 20th at the Maple Grove Government building on Main St.  PLEASE JOIN US!

If anything, please show your support and pass this on.  You can share this petition if you click the "share this petition" button.... email, FB, or any social media attention is great!  The more supporters we have, the better.  A good way to approach the subject is to ask people what they think about chickens in Maple Grove, and discuss why they would be beneficial.  Many people have negative impressions of chickens, but that’s only because they are misinformed! 

Tell them about our Facebook group and ask them to sign the petition!  Find our Facebook group at "Maple Grove Backyard Chickens."


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