Investigate Genesis Academy (Alfreton)

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Around a year+ ago myself and others took the Teaching Assistant course, after fulfilling all the required course work, it being signed off and finishing the course we have heard And had NOTHING to show for it and not received my certificate.
I don't even know if they bothered to send it off.
I have chased it up and still heard nothing.
Jarred Holmes/The Academy received funding for those who take it, and people come out of it with nothing to show but wasted time!

Here are some statements from others about the Academy (Names Removed for privacy on here) (Link to post: )

"I'm very disappointed in Genesis Academy my daughter has just finished there and to be honest it's been virtually a waste of time her going for a year. We are still waiting to hear if she's passed her functional skills which is making it difficult for her to apply for courses. They've had months with out tutors. It's badly organised and doesn't keep parents informed of things that are happening with their courses and problems they are having staffing the courses."

"I’m the same! I did the business admin and customer service course, did everything and received nothing. 
After chasing again no response, even after numerous of phone calls. No proof of what I should of achieved."

"My son got swore at twice by two different teachers at this place. How can the teachers expect respect from their pupils if they're gonna speak to them like that? My son's still not had his maths certificate."

This is just Some of the feedback from a recent local Facebook post.
This needs attention bringing to it, for the future of our children and those of us that take the adult learning courses.

And remember it is YOUR tax money that is going here and funding the Academy and I don't imagine you like seeing your money wasted and peoples education abused.

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