Preserve and protect Bullsmoor, Belper lane and the WHS buffer zone

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Today is a day to send a message about our World Heritage Sites

Dear Neighbour Thanks you for signing the petition against the Conservatives dreadful decision to put Bullsmoor and Belper lane into the draft plan. It has been teh cause of much heartache and again huge amounts of volunteer time and money has had to go in to refute this dangerous threat to our world heritage status. Today is polling day. You can send a clear message that this is not acceptable - In Alport and Derwent, David Taylor, Amber Valley cabinet member for housing, is after your vote. In Belper you have Peter Makin for the conservatives, and in Belper South and Duffield you have Chris Short. Each of the conservative associations in these areas took £5000 donations from Robert M Kirkland - a director of Bullsmoor Developments and of Peveril homes owners, Bowmer and Kirkland. This may not be illegal - but it sits badly with many of us that the people making decisions on development sites should have their associations funded by developers. Labour in Belper and all of our candidates - Jyoti Wilkinson in Alport and Derwent; John Owen in Belper and Carol Angharad in Belper South and Duffield are all firmly AGAINST development in the World Heritage buffer zone green fields, and they fully support the petitions proposal to swap these sites for brownfield sites in the town. There will be a vote on the plan soon where if they have not removed these sites from the plan, I will be moving the amendment to do so - and YOU can have YOUR say by sending a message to Taylor, Makin and Short today - Voting for Labour won't remove control of Amber Valley from the Conservatives - but a vote for JYOTI, JOHN or CAROL and send a message that WE WILL BE HEARD! Best regards, Councillor Ben Bellamy

Ben Bellamy
4 years ago