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Taxes should be returned to Non-EU families who are not granted permanent residence.

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I propose that all taxes are returned to law abiding non-EU families who have lived in the UK legally but are not granted permanent residence by the Home office.

It is all shades of inhuman to allow people to live and work and pay taxes for over 8 years; be law abiding residents, raise families, start businesses with the ultimate goal of receiving permanent residence in due time, only to be refused last minute with no chance to appeal the decision.

Families are instantly torn, children are put at risk and parents loose thier jobs and homes and live in poverty.

All taxes should be returned if the Home Office rejects the permanent residence application of anyone and families who has lived here for 8+ years with no criminal record. The money will save decent, hard working families from poverty and the risk of exploitation.

These families spend between £2000-£5000 per renewable application (depending on number of dependants) work tirelessly hard,invest through setting up businesses, have a long line of family members in different countries depending on them for health bills, school fees and even pocket money. To the home office, they are just 'numbers' and after the applications are turned down, the home office keeps the entire large sums of application fees. Some countries are known to keep only 10 - 20% of the fees if the application is rejected.

Everything these families have to go through contradicts the values of the British public who have worked hard and contributed significantly to

1) Eradicating poverty around the world;

2) Giving every child the right to a decent life- free from fear and oppression ( to mention a few)

However, these families have been stripped of the right to present a human right case in a court to appeal any rejected decision,

they loose their right to work - which means they also loose their jobs but have little ones to look after.

they loose their homes and innocent children are inadvertently exposed to exploitation 

They spend most life savings on legal advice and are treated at par with criminals.

Returning the taxes paid for the duration of their stay will go a long way to help these shattered families build their lives again.



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