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We need a Government Emergency Response Agency

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we call on the Home Secretary to form a UK emergency response agency. To take overall control of major incidents involving the evacuation large numbers of members of the public.

The Grenfell tower fire and the subsequent evacuation of the five towers in the Charlots estate. showed up huge failings in the current emergency response procedures that require large scale evacuations and re-homing of members of the public. It has shown that Local authorities neither have the man power or the resources to provide adequate protection to members of the community following a major incident. The UK has faced several major civil evacuations in recent years due to flooding and now the recent fire at Grenfell Tower has highlighted the fact that we rely heavily on local charities and members of the public to provide what are in fact basic services.

In the USA following a major incident the Federal Emergency Response Agency (FEMA) are dispatched to the scene. Where they take control and bring in whatever resources are required. The response is lead by officers who are highly trained in the area and they liaise with local services to provide a full package of support to both the local authority and that members of the public.

Following their arrival they will set up overnight accommodation that will include cot beds, bedding, water and food. They set up a command center and provide information as well as staff wearing uniforms so as to be identified by everyone. They ensure vulnerable and elderly members of the public are prioritised and looked after.

In the UK the local council seem to throw Hi-Viz vests on some members of the team who are quickly overwhelmed and are trying to do a job that they have received only the basic training. Although the staff and volunteers did a fantastic job he management and overall control of the situation showed up the issues faced by local authorities.

In the UK we seem to rely on the "Make do and mend" mentality of the blitz to get by and carry on.

With a Government funded and controlled agency. We could have the situation of staff fully trained in all the area's required and can call in resources from outside the area without worrying about budget constraints.

The time has come for the government to take control of situations and offer a better solution for people who are vulnerable and need support.


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