Stop Fracking in the Wye Valley, the Forest of Dean and the rest of the UK

There are other ways to find renewable energy, which never have to involves risking our own existence. We as One Whole Planet are already on a fine line & have so much at risk alway. All of us need our heads put together & seek solutions in a NEVER for profit outcome & then we may all survive, with our future children having faith that we will overcome greed & ignorance & live to see all the days that are there to live, happily with nature & through each others eyes, see all perspectives & finially that there is a best outcome for all creatures great & small. & all together claim our peaceful, happy & bright futures for ourselves. All for one & one for all.

& you can have my farts instead! :)
If you want gas so much!
Give out free parasutes/umbrella's over people's roofs/ceilings & collect the methane. It would probably be off the grid with the amount of gas, just the UK along would produce.
I'd rather smell that than our beautiful & harmonious countryside being put at risk!
Deal with it, frack off this planet & go smell a fart instead!
Never put any of our planets at risk please, our survival depends on it!

...Oh & throw Cow & Pig farms in there & your on to a winner!

Sophie Simpson, London, ENG, United Kingdom
5 years ago
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