Stop Amber Rudd from standing for reelection if she blocks NO DEAL

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With the coming to light of various scandals such as that of the Windrush migrants and her continued misrepresentation of her constituents. The not-so Honorable Ms Rudd has shown complete disregard for all who have voted for her and has now threatened to resign to block a NO DEAL Brexit, an option which should have been on the table from the start so plans could be made should the option be taken.
 Instead once again she has ignored that her constituents voted to leave the EU and puts her own thoughts and political career ahead of the people she supposedly represents.
Should Ms Rudd decide to block Brexit by resigning from the Cabinet then we ask that she resigns from her political career in it's entirety, including and parliamentary privileges, and no longer stands for any future elections, local, national or otherwise.   After all, it's not the first time she has resigned from her job when things haven't gone her way, and if you or I were to resign from our jobs we wouldn't be back in the same company with a promotion or otherwise, would we.