Stamp out domestic terrorism with a robust and proactive approach.

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Islamic Extremism in the U.K furthers its cause by adopting tactics which are difficult to counter with traditional and existing law enforcement and intelligence methods. The playing field is not level, and this needs to be urgently addressed to gain the upper hand.

This petition invites the Home Secretary to put forward new laws to allow:

1. The creation of additional proactive counter-terrorism units, combining police, military and intelligence staff whose remit is to identify and remove the threat posed by Islamic extremist elements in the U.K.;

2. Internment of suspects engaged in or actively sympathising with IS extremist activity  and propaganda in order to protect the wider public;

3. The proactive monitoring, using both overt and covert means, any places of worship deemed necessary by UK authorities. Communities who support UK values and have nothing to hide should welcome such a move, or in the very least accept it as a necessary measure in light of recent events.