Save Mencap Liverpool member Charles Mukerjee

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Charles is a vulnerable young man whose smile can light up the room.  He is about to be taken to Yarlswood where we believe he'll be forced on to a specially chartered flight to Pakistan.

Charles is a lovely young man and much-loved member of Mencap Liverpool.  He's been a regular member of our fortnightly Gentlemen’s Group where he's made many friends.  Although he has significant support needs, Charles is progressing well- he was initially very shy, under-confident and barely spoke.  He is now a very chatty and popular member of the group.

As well as having a learning disability, Charles has severe epilepsy and we believe the stress of the flight would put his life at risk.  He was detained this morning at the Home Office Building in Liverpool  and his health has deteriorated rapidly since.  We know that an ambulance has called.    Because of his learning disability, Charles would find unfamiliar and unplanned situations extremely stressful - Charles' Consultant Neurologist has previously stated that Charles is not medically fit to fly.  Our Outreach Co-ordinator Sheldon Griffiths, has been there today, trying to gain access to Charles so that he has a familiar face to advocate for him and ease his stress, but this has been denied.

Please sign our Petition to ask Amber Rudd to intervene.

Charles is unable to reliably make decisions about what film to watch with Gentlemen’s Group which suggests that Charles does not currently have the capacity to make decisions about matters such as arrangements for voluntary removal (with assistance).

We are very concerned that if Charles was forced to return to Pakistan, his life would be in danger, and his physical and mental health would severely compromised:

·     the dramatic change in circumstances would be very difficult for Charles to understand and process successfully (due to the impact of his learning disability).  He has lived in England since 2011 and in Liverpool since 2014 and is now fully acclimatised to British culture and practices.

·       there is very little provision for people with a learning disabilities in Pakistan and it is unlikely Charles (as a Christian in a predominantly Muslim country), would be able to access what little support exists due to the threat to their personal safety should the family be identified.

·       there is a considerable stigma around learning disability in Pakistan.  An adult male with a learning disability, may easily be perceived as a threat or an undesirable and/or could be exploited.  As a result, for his own protection, Charles could never be left unaccompanied.  Charles would then become completely isolated and this could lead to exhibitions of challenging behaviour/mental health breakdown due to lack of any respite.

Charles is already a vulnerable young man, and he would be far more vulnerable in Pakistan. Yet like many people with a learning disability, with a little bit of the right support, he can live a happy healthy life and make a positive contribution. His parents are amazing people who also make a very positive contribution to the city, despite being of severely restricted means.  They spend all their time volunteering and are active members of their local church. They are polite and reliable and have assimilated well into this country.  This family really deserve a chance to stay, but in the meantime, we're concerned about the stress their detention is having on Charles and the impact this is having on his health.

Please help us keep Charles and his family safe in the UK

Thank you