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Save Harold Place Toilets from closure, Hastings main facilities!!

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Harold Place Public Toilets Hastings are the main hub of public facilities in the centre of town, with easy access for the disabled and short distance for those in the town centre shopping. (not in the mall)

The council has voted to close the town centre toilets in Harold Place and increase its share of the council tax by two per cent. (which is ridiculous).

Hastings needs these facilities, the town hosts many events throughout the year like Jack in the green, Carnival, May Day, Hastings Bonfire and many more where visitors flock to the town (in the tens of thousands sometimes).

Where are we supposed to relieve ourselves if this main block of toilets are closed?

Peter Chowney said this to the Observer :-

“Closing a toilet block in an area where there are six others within a 500 metre radius seemed to be a reasonable thing to do when we looked at what savings could be made, bearing in mind we have had a £1.2m reduction in our budget.”

6 in 500 Meters? I would like to know there these "public toilets" are, sure there are toilets in Pubs, Cafes and such which are for their patrons, not the general public and certainly not capable of coping with the amount of people when it gets busy.

The only toilets i know of that are close by are the ones situated at Pelham Place by the crazy golf which are 526 meters away, so if you are in the town centre and disabled and need to go, you will have to walk there and back to where you were.

Either that or you could use the facilities in Priory Meadow Shopping Centre which are also over the 500 meter radius from Harold Place as quoted, but these are inside the mall and up the lift to the 6th floor, also on private property, not council managed so cannot really be called "public toilets" its not strait forward and inconvenient to get to them.

Conservatives on the borough council put forward an amendment to the budget, calling for the town centre toilets in Harold Place to remain open, but failed....

Certain members on the council are more interested in the land the toilets are on, rather then having a central hub of toilets for the towns people and visitors.

Apparently there are plans in place to "regenerate" the land the block is on (another cafe or restaurant, like we need more in the area?).

This is why we need your help in fighting to keep these toilets open! This is a huge impact and inconvenience on the town.

I am a local to the town and also involved in the towns main events like Jack in the green, Bonfire night etc and care about the well being of our visitors and locals alike.

Hiring extra porta-loos on such events would be a ridiculous idea and cost a fortune every time a big event is on, and who is supposed to organize all that?

Possible Solution..

Make it so people using Harold Place Toilets have to pay maybe 10 or 20p to use the facilities and cover some costs that way? If it means they stay open i think the majority wouldn't object.

Please support us in keeping our main public facilities running by signing the petition.

All your support is greatly appreciated.


Luke Barnes





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