Review Taser Use by British Police - Support Judah Adunbi

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On Saturday 14th January 2017 police from the Avon & Somerset force tasered their own race relations adviser Judah Adunbi, mistakenly identifying him as a wanted man. A video has emerged showing that Mr Adunbi, who is 63 years old, presented no threat to the police officers and was tasered as he tried to enter his home. During the incident Adunbi fell backwards onto the pavement hitting his head and was in genuine fear of his life. He was hospitalised as a result. Subsequently all charges against him have been dropped.

This is a sickening incident and one which has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Vince Howard, the chairman of the local police federation, has worryingly stated that the police were 'doing what the public expect of them'. 

By writing to the Home Secretary Amber Rudd MP you can express your support for Mr Adunbi and raise the pressure on her to ensure that the Avon & Somerset police force is held to account. It is clear that an urgent review of the use of taser is needed. If this case is swept under the carpet we are allowing the police to act irresponsibly and endanger the lives of innocent people. If we make enough noise about this we can reduce the frequency of these kinds of incidents happening in the future. 

I feel compelled to set up this petition as I do not want to live in a society which turns a blind eye to acts of unjustified aggression and violence carried out by the authorities. Let's show the government that we stand together with Mr Adunbi and that we want his case to be given the utmost attention. 

Email the Home Office at or write to Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP, Direct Communications Unit, 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P. 

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