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Reassess my immigration case

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I was born in South Africa in 1995 to my father who is a British citizen by decent, my mother who is a South African citizen. In 1999 my family decided to come back to the UK to live and have a better life as a family.

In the early 2000's my mother left me and my father to go and live back in South Africa and since then I have not had a relationship with her thus being solely raised by my father. My mother took with her my child's passport.

At the age of 16 I received my first official letter from the country (United Kingdom) in the form of my National insurance card, this in my head only cemented the fact I was a British citizen.

I went through the entire British schooling system and finished my college course successfully to gain entry into university. Unfortunately this is where my happiness dropped and I could not prove my nationality and was refused funding. This is when my father and step mother attempted to gain ILR for myself but that was denied on the grounds I had overstayed my 6 months visit visa in this country, which in this case lead me to have been classed as an overstayer for 14 years unknowingly to myself and any other family member, as we could not prove I came on my fathers passport.

I was approved for discretionary leave to remain which at this time the copy of my passport that I had from when I was three years of age that had been scanned onto a bit of A4 paper wasn't suitable then as proof of ID but I had no idea or informed that within the time frame I'd have to obtain a new passport.

Since then I have currently settled down, I started working full time a few years ago I have paid towards NI and my taxes, I am now in a committed relationship with my partner who is also a British citizen and have partially taken responsibility of her daughter. We have just moved to a new property in Heywood together and are looking forward to planning our future and living a new life together, sadly after applying for my extension for leave to remain earlier in the year I got some bad news, my application had been reviewed as invalid on the grounds I did not send a passport or other qualifying documents, none of which I have had since I was 3 years old when I travelled to this country.

I have no ties with South Africa other then my Birth, all of my family are British citizens including two younger sister(2 &3). I am worried that I'll be removed from the country I call my home to be sent to another country I know nothing about. I see that The United Kingdom is my home and I would like to ask for your assistance in permanently securing my home.

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