Prosecute and Deport Immigration Marriage Fraudsters

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Stop, Stop, Stop what you are doing……Please target the right people………..

How many more stories do we need to see of innocent and good people who have lived in the UK being hounded by the Home Office with their lives turned upside down?

·        This month it is the fate of the numerous Caribbean people who arrived here as children and now living under the threat of deportation.

·        In Feb 2018 Irene Clennell was deported. She had lived in the UK for 27 years, has children and a grandchild in the UK but she lost her indefinite leave to remain after spending time in Singapore caring for parents.

·        In 2016 circa 48,000 students were wrongly deported in the English Language Test fiasco.

We can go on but this is inhumane and unjust by anyone’s standards and without doubt not what the majority of the British Public wants to see. We as Tax payers are paying for this inhumanity carried out in our name.

What we want to see is the ‘bad guys’ being prosecuted and deported. We want the money we pay to you through our taxes to be spent on removing those that have turned British Citizens lives into nightmares.

How many of ‘Joe Public’ would not agree to the following statements regarding who we want the Home Office to prosecute and deport?

·        The fraudsters using fake documents to enter the UK – Like Rachid Redouanne one of the London Bridge Attackers who killed eight and injured 48 having entered into the UK through marriage with fake identities and who had been stopped at the borders using this fraudulent identity and had a thick Home Office file - This is who we wish you had gone after and lives would have been saved

·        The fraudsters pretending to be Kosovan when they are Albanian – the Home Office knew this when Tony Blair was in power but just waved them through not thinking through how unidentified criminals were in their midst and that they would marry or have children with unsuspecting British Citizens – These are who we wish you had gone after immediately it was recognised there was a problem.

·        The numerous ‘marriage fraudsters’ pretending to be single and marrying British Citizens bigamously to circumvent immigration processes – We want these prosecuted and deported.

·        Those criminals and fraudsters from other countries who have used deception to enter the UK to continue with their criminal activity and avoid serving out their prison sentences – These criminals need to be prosecuted for their deception and return immediately.

·        The child migrants who are anything but – We want them prosecuted before deportation

·        The fraudsters making false accusations of domestic violence to secure their rights to stay in the UK – We want these prosecuted and deported.

Do you agree with us that the majority of the British Public agree with the concept of a hostile environment but that they want it to be ‘firm but fair’ and the ‘right’ people prioritised for deportation. At the moment it seems that the Home Office is only interested in deporting the ‘soft’

targets and they need to hear from the public that we are not. This is not how we want our money spent.  

Do you agree with us that we want a more balanced and fair system with a large sprinkling of common sense and humanity used for the others who have transgressed immigration law with no intent to do so.

We call upon the Government to ensure that the recommendation by John Vine – the former Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration is implemented by the Home Office to ensure that the ‘right’ people are targeted for deportations and the means to do so is there by proven prosecutions.

‘Develops a prosecution strategy for Nationality Casework in order to deter those who attempt to obtain, or assist in obtaining, British citizenship by deception’. Nationality Casework Report 2014

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