Give Chantille Blakegrove Indefinite Leave so she can continue caring for her sick husband

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Chantille Blakegrove is the primary carer for her husband whom she first met 6 years ago. They fell hopelessly in love and married a year later.

In October 2015 her husband was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer and has since undergone three courses of chemotherapy alongside radiotherapy and major surgery. He still suffers from severe side effects of the treatment some of which he may suffer from permanently. He has had a significant portion of his large intestine removed and needs almost constant care, being unable to conduct some of the most basic household tasks.

The Home Office acknowledge that he is desperately ill and in dire need of constant care. They also acknowledge that the marriage has been genuine right from the start. Despite these acknowledgements though, and despite her husband having the legal right as a born and bred British citizen to be cared for by his wife, the Home Office took it upon themselves to detain her at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre in Bedfordshire over 70 miles away from home, leaving her husband to fend for himself. They had threatened to deport her to Jamaica leaving her sick husband here alone.

Chantille was detained on Tuesday Feb 14th 2017. Just 2 days later on Thursday Feb 16th her husband had to be admitted to Accident & Emergency at Sandwell Hospital due to a fall in the home which only occurred due to Chantille’s absence.

The Home Office’s heartless decision to deport Chantille after having spent 15 years building a life here in the UK, a country she has great affection for, was unthinkable. The Home Office had been supplied with a mountain of documents relating to her husband’s life threatening medical condition but had still decided that Chantille should be removed from the UK.

Thankfully the Home Office have reversed their decision today, 7th March 2017 and my wife is going to come home. Thanks to everyone who supported my wife and I by signing this petition but we need more support than ever now ...

Let's not allow the Home Office to put us both in exactly the same position in the future. Will she be detained again ... who knows. Will the Home Office find another excuse to deport her after she has committed no crime ... who can tell. One thing we can be sure of though, is that the only way forward is for the Home Office to give Chantille Indefinite Leave to Remain.

She is no burden on the taxpayer. In fact she was more of a burden on the taxpayer while sitting in the detention centre. She has not been working illegally and avoiding paying tax. I am not on any benefits and I work and support her fully, financially, and have done since the day we married, which incidentally was 3rd March 2012 so we actually spent our 5th wedding anniversary apart.

Please support us by helping us persuade the Home Office to stop tearing families apart like this. Please sign this petition and share it as much as you can ... Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, anywhere you can think of.

Something like this can happen to anyone without anyone being held accountable.

Signing this petition will help to MAKE THIS STOP.

Thank you so much for you support and for all the kind messages. They are all very much appreciated indeed.

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