Overturn the Home Office's denial of my 3 year old daughter's visa

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 I have been suffering a non stop nightmare since my 3-year-old-daughter's Visa was refused. I am devastated, and I cannot understand the reasoning behind the decision, which makes it worse. I am a Junior Doctor in the NHS, working in the West Midlands.  It has been my life-long dream to train as a doctor in the UK and to do that I have applied through legal channels for a Tier 2 Visa, and have worked hard for the NHS since then.

During that time, I worked to build a life for my 3-year-old daughter.  But I ran into a problem.  The Home Office is not allowing my child to come to stay with me. Her application has been rejected twice now, on the same grounds. 

The laws governing home Office decisions explicitly says:

paragraph 319 (f) Both of the applicant’s parents must either be lawfully present (other than as a visitor) in the UK, or be granted entry clearance or leave to remain (other than as a visitor) at the same time as the applicant or one parent must be lawfully present (other than as a visitor) in the UK and the other is being granted entry clearance or leave to remain (other than as a visitor) at the same time as the applicant, unless:

...(iii) there are serious or compelling family or other considerations which would make it desirable not to refuse the application and suitable arrangements have been made in the UK for the applicant’s care.

Layan, My daughter is currently staying with her elderly grandparents. Her grandparent has severe cardiomyopathy and has suffered severe deterioration in his health with repeated hospital admission recently.  Layan's dad is not in Egypt to look after her. I have explained all my circumstances to the Home Office with evidence and her father's legal approval for her to come and join me but the Home Office said my daughter's situation does not meet the threshold of compelling circumstances! But they do not define these circumstances. What could they be, if a 3-year-old child with neither of her parents in the country to look after her does not qualify?

If the Home Office does not overturn their decision, I must go back to her- and give up my position in the UK foundation training programme, where I have been working since 2016. 

I want to work for the NHS. I want to be a GP, in a country that sorely needs them. I want to give my daughter the best possible future. The UK has invested in me- recruiting and training me to fill a gap in already understaffed hospitals, but they will not allow me to have a family?

The laws of immigration are deliberately vague and complex. And what is the logic of this law?  I can look after my daughter- I don't need help from anyone.  I'll pay whatever fees she incurs while she's here.  In either scenario, she'd be with a single parent- why is the government discriminating in this way? 

Please help me signing this petition if you would like to support my case and help unite a 3-year-old daughter with her mother.  

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