Overturn my Deportation Order

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I have lived in the UK since June 1978, I was 9 years old when my parents brought me over from Colombia. I received my Indefinite Leave to Remain in May 1981. 
I have always worked, 
I have 4 children, my oldest is 24 and my youngest is 18
I have always been there for my kids except for a period in 2006 through to 2007 while I was in prison, I was arrested in Scotland for being concerned in the supply of a controlled drug which I was given a 3 year sentence but only served 18 months by recommendation of the judge concerned due to it being my first offence and also based on my sentencing report which also supported my good character of being a family man who had committed a stupid mistake and accepted the consequences.
This was very hard on my kids and my parents which made my punishment harder to bare, I didn't waste my time inside and took courses to be able to reintegrate myself back into society. Which is what I did upon my release which was given without probation due to my good behaviour. 
After paying for my crime I managed to get myself back on my feet with a good job and the of a good partner who unfortunately passed away 3 years ago.
On March 2016 I received a deportation order from the Home Office stating this was due to my Criminality!
I appealed on the basis that I have lived in the UK for more than 38 years and that my immediate family all live here and I have not been back to Colombia for more than 16years. Their response was that because my children are over the age of 18 they were no longer my responsibility, not the way I see it, I don't stop being a dad till the day I die. Due to all this, I have lost my job where I was doing very well, I have also lost my flat and now live at my dad's. Oh yeah, a 48 year old man being helped out by his father, Ironic!
I know that I did something wrong and paid for it, not only because I went to prison but also the pain that I caused my family made it worse and all this was a long time ago but I rebuild my life and have my family back, for all this to happen again is not fair on them or on me.
With my family all grown up, I now look forward to the second stage of being a father, being  a grandfather. My kids are good kids, all working or studying or both. This is down to their mothers and me being devoted to their future and this has paid off, none have ever being in trouble and if my example of what not to do has helped, then I am glad. I don't want to miss out on the next stage of my kids life's, I know they still need me and even if they don't, I still need them. They are my reason for being, after losing my partner who was an immense influence and force in my life after prison, my kids are all that I have now.
I would like to thank you on behalf of my family and myself for any help towards the fight that I have to be able to stay in the country I consider as my home and at the side of all my family.

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