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Make Travellers pay for the mess they leave behind.

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Travellers often illegally squat public and private land.  Huge amounts of illegal and toxic waste is left by them, and when on public land the Local Authority has to use large amounts of scarce public resources and money to clean up sites.  These could be better spent serving the local tax paying community. 

I believe if the authorities legislated to empower local officials or Police Officers to demand a named person who would be legally liable for any costs, and if no one was willing to put themselves forward and immediate eviction could take place, then this blight could be curtailed.

The local communities affected by these situations would saved from the unsocial and environmental hazards associated with this activities.

It is wrong that people knowingly misuse well intentioned, but outdated laws for their personal gain, and cause so much heartache and distress to law abiding tax payers.

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