Make "Ms" officially the only common title for women, just as "Mr" is for men.

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Why should a woman have to disclose her marital status in her title, while a man has the privilege of keeping his undisclosed? It's unnecessary and, frankly, behind our time...

To promote the social equality of the sexes, I simply ask that women, like myself, are awarded the same marital confidentiality that men have.

Here are the current common titles used in the U.K. today:

For Females: Mrs (for married women); Miss (for girls and unmarried women); Ms (for women whose marital statuses are unknown/ who wish to keep theirs undisclosed).

For the Gender-Neutral: Mx.

For Males: Mr (for all men, regardless of marital status); Master (for boys).

Having "Ms" in use, though seldom, is a start. Time to finish what has been started and press on for fequality on all fronts. Here is what I propose: let's drop the uses of "Mrs" and "Miss" for women, holding onto to Ms only, Miss for girls and picking up another victory for females, simple.

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