Enforce age restrictions when buying products containing acid

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Acid attacks are on the rise. The number of attacks have more than doubled from less than 200 in 2014 to 431 in 2016, the numbers rise every year. The issues have been overlooked for too long, something must be done to tackle these crimes. People are slowly beginning to understand how dangerous acid is and how easy it is to obtain. As it stands, there are no restrictions upon purchase of acid. Currently a person of any age is free to buy this lethal weapon, no questions asked. This needs to change, it should’ve changed a long time ago. In the Summer of 2017, two teenagers aged 15 and 16 carried out a spree of attacks around London. Those young boys were able to get their hands on this horrific weapon, no ID needed, no questions asked. Help us to prevent these attacks from happening, get acid age restricted.