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Don't deport Faizan Ahmed. NO DETENTIONS! NO DEPORTATIONS!

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We are calling for indefinite leave to remain for Faizan Ahmed (Home office reference number A1453538/4), who was detained on 31 August and was not told what will happen to him. Faizan has been living in Britain for 13 years. In that time, he has made lots of friends and tried to carve out a life for himself. He is a valued part of the community with lots of friends and involvement in the community, such as in groups at a church and mosque. He no longer has any ties in Pakistan.

For some time now, Faizan has been living with no recourse to public funds and has been destitute, sleeping on some friends’ sofa. The whole experience has negatively affected his health, both mental and physical. For 6 years he has been depressed and experienced kidney and heart pains due to the stress of his situation. What he wants most in the world is leave to remain so that he can work and, in his own words, ‘contribute’.

The lack of support he is currently receiving from the state has been a disaster for Faizan’s mental health and his wellbeing. Detention can only be worse. A lot of research has been conducted showing how disastrous immigration detention is for mental health. The 2013 report by Medical Justice, for example, states:

Evidence and experience shows that mental illness is the greatest health issue for detainees. The safeguards to prevent the detention of those with serious mental illness are not working. The rate of mental illness is already high in those who are subject to detention, in part due to the stresses in their life journey to that time. Detention serves to increase that mental illness and distress, so that the majority of those studied report significant symptoms… The indeterminate nature of immigration detention adds to the distress. This can include illness at the highest level of severity, such that transfer for compulsory treatment in a mental hospital may be regarded as appropriate.

Equally, deportation would be devastating for Faizan. To send him back to a country where has no support networks would tear his life apart. The only way that Faizan could lead any kind of life would be if he was granted leave to remain in Britain.

Sadly, Faizan is only one of thousands of people in Britain in situations like this, all for nothing more than being born abroad. We call for the release of Faizan Ahmed from detention, indefinite leave to remain for Faizan, and an end to all forced deportations.

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