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Do not ban the online sale of knives in the UK and do not ban 'weapons' either

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Greetings to all of you,

Look, I am as disgusted at knife crime as any of you, however I just differ in opinion on the ways to solve this problem.

I do not mind if there has to be age checks online, I understand this 100% and I do not care much about legislation coming in so you have to prove your age when picking up the blade from the post office, However even if these checks come in it will do nothing to stop knife crime in the UK.

Young wannabe gangsters don't care about a law saying they can't get a knife, and if they have connections and a friend sends them a knife what is the chance this parcel will be checked? 

Also, If this law stops young criminals from illegally buying knives online, all a criminal has to do if sharpen a stick on a rock or crack a glass bottle. If they really want they can sharpen a rod of metal with a file into a deadly point, which would do more damage than any of these cheap 'zombie' knives or kitchen knives as the rod would have less flex in it so more energy would be transferred into the victim of the stabbing.

I have even more of a problem with the 'weapons' ban which will, if it comes in, ban people from being able to possess weapons such as butterfly knives or flick knives, which have been banned from sale and manufacture but not possession. Most of the people who own these Items are law abiding citizens who bought them for collection or curiosity before the ban, and It has been legal for these people to keep the property that they legally bought. Taking knives and other items (which should be legal anyway because a flick knife is no more dangerous than a normal lock knife and is no more concealable either) Off these people will do nothing to stop crime, as the people who bought these pre-ban have no intention to commit crimes. I think this is morally wrong to force someone to give up their property with the threat of prison time or a fine if they don't. Take knives off criminals carrying them and actually committing crimes, don't waste police time arresting innocent honest people.

I do not know of any instant solution to this crime. I think it should become part of the school curriculum to teach children how to use knives safely and to respect them for what they are: A tool that can be used for many things like cooking, carving, recreation and collection!

Also, weapon bans in the UK and all over the world have generally failed or lead to tyranny. After the UK banned handguns in 1997 the homicide rate rose significantly and has only decreased in recent years due to a reduction in poverty and an increase in the numbers of police officers.

So please don't completely ban the online sales of knives and don't take legally bought property away from people who aren't committing crimes! We would also like a complete repeal of the zombie knife ban and all knife bans. We DO want there to be a penalty for carrying a knife illegally and we want stricter punishments for people who hurt or kill other innocent people (or animals) with any weapon, apart from self defense(we know it is illegal to own a weapon for self defense but the law states you can use an object around you to stop the threat and that object could be a knife used with 'reasonable' force)

Remember folks, where there is a will there is a way, and criminals always get the tools they need to kill, no matter what!



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