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Comprehensive education in school of the female menstrual cycle

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I was on the contraceptive pill from the age of 15 or 16 (now 16 years ago), and from then I got put on the implant.

I have since come off all forms of contraception because of the effect it was having on me. To put this in to perspective, the pill made me angry/depressed/uncontrollable/anxious, and it's hard to work out at a young age whether these are just your hormones (ie. you), or whether it's down to the hormones you are pumping your body full of.

With the implant, which I was on for 7 years, I ended up a zombie. I felt nothing. No highs or lows. Just existing.

This last year I have come off all forms of contraception and I have taken to researching and educating myself on my own body. I think this is necessary in school. I didn't have any education on how your menstrual cycle works, the 5 day period where you are highly fertile and the symptoms of that, and also how it affects your mood- so I can actually tell it's me who is slightly psychotic or if it's hormones. 

At school my only education on the subject was in Biology. I think the country would save thousands in the cost of pills, you'd have less girls suffering from depression (known to be linked to the pill), and we would all be more aware of our bodies, also meaning we can spot when something is wrong.

It has been far too easy for the pill to be prescribed to girls, yes it may be necessary in some cases, but we are being handed it out for everything- skin conditions, anxiety, depression, to control weight...I can go on and on. It's scary really. Pumping out bodies full of chemicals should not be the solution to so many problems. In fact it's creating more issues. 

In an era where women are starting to take back control of themselves, I think this is a vital step to ensuring we have control and knowledge of how our bodies work (because they are amazing), and start opening our eyes to the dangers of the pill/implant.





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