Companies that buy and melt down jewelry - legislation to rescue stolen heirlooms

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Too often I hear horror stories about stolen jewelry being lost, forever, because it has been sold to one of these companies that melt gold and silver.  Wayward family members will sometimes steal precious mementos, of loved ones that have passed, to fund a lifestyle or addiction.

I would like our Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, to implement a small working group to figure out a legislation package to force companies (Cash4Gold for instance) to safeguard against their involvement in such tragic and soul destroying criminal activity.  Measures could be something as simple as inspecting an offered item, for it's antiquity, and refusing to handle items judged to be above a certain age. I would like gold/silver processing companies to go even further and photograph any suspicious items they are offered.  These images could be uploaded, to a national database, to be checked against any items reported stolen to the police.

Obviously these safety measures would cut into the profit margins of the companies that provide the service - so there will need to be some legal responsibility imposed upon them. They need to be made aware that they may be involved in criminal activity. They need to be aware of strict penalties should they be caught handling stolen goods.

I accept that a still intact stolen heirloom might still never find it's way back to it's rightful owner but, if it hasn't been melted down, there is always hope that it might.