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Changing law for acid attacks

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Acid attacks are becoming more common in the U.K. Now it is time for the laws to change. The laws need to be more stricter for those people who decide to attack people with acid, this is because they have changed someone's appearance forever by causing them blindness or scarring them for life.

Recently there have been a lot of reports of acid attacks in traffic lights. People are getting scared to go outside thinking what if they become a victim of this crime.

I have also heard people are taking water bottles out with them as they are scared of getting acid on their faces.
Just recently resham Khan and her cousin Jameel mukhtar have been attacked with acid in traffic lights whilst a guy knocked on their car window and squirted the acid on them. They were left begging on streets for water as watching each other burning away. This isn't fair that their criminal is still free and not been caught.

these laws need to change
if more people sign this petition then the acid laws can change and could give those acid attakers less chance to commit this crime as the consequences would be tough. By signing this petition could bring justice for those attacked with acid and give them assurance that their attacker has been punished equally to the pain they are going through by making the laws stricter will make others think twice before committing this crime.

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