Against Propaganda and the Perpetuation of Racism, Subtle Racism and Discrimination

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Whilst the current #KnifeFree campaign appears to be an attempt from the Home Office to tackle knife crime, it acts as propaganda reinforcing negative stereotypes of the criminality of ethnic minorities.

The full larger than life intimidating posters, which online may seem diverse enough for some people, have an unequal distribution, placement of the posters has been ill thought out and the menacing expressions do not send a positive message.

For example- Sonny, the poster states that “Sonny” is knife-free, why does he look so grim faced? Why isn’t he happy to be knife-free? Why does this look like a mugshot from the front page of the Daily Mail? The message conveyed to impressionable minds, who walk past this everyday  is “ethnic minorities are criminals”.

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The aim of the #Knifefree campaign is to “raise awareness about the risks of carrying knives". What awareness has this raised about risks? The real message is clear to me and to the majority of people who have shared their disgust of this poster online.

Propaganda is information that is not objective and is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis or perception.

Subtle racism, also known as, covert racism is described as a person who has implicit racial or other negative attitudes towards another group. Subtle racism is an ambiguous form of racial discrimination. It is defined as ambiguous because the perpetrator’s actions are very indirect and are often expressed through innuendos. While subtle racism can be attributed to many factors other than racist beliefs, racism is the underlying subconscious influence on the perpetrator’s behaviour.

A rise in hate crimes towards ethnic minorities is well documented. This poster campaign will perpetuate the hostile environment in Britain and is one of many governmental gaffes: from ‘Go Home Vans’, to the Windrush scandal.

The rise in crime is a result of police funding cuts and cuts to preventative programs. Our government has a minimum moral obligation not to further stoke discrimination and hatred of ethnic minorities. This is not a mural, this is £1.3m of tax payers money for racist propaganda direct from the HOME OFFICE that will do nothing to deter knife crime.

The #knifefree posters must be taken down and this Government needs to do better on preventative measures to stop the increase of violent crime in Britain.

Please sign this petition, we are British and proud and we are NOT tolerant of racism of any kind.  

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