Add all doctor jobs to the Shortage Occupation list to ensure Tier 2 visas can be obtained

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Under current home office rules, only doctors in Emergency Medicine, Old Age Psychiatry, Radiology and Paediatrics are included in on the Shortage Occupation list meaning that they are prioritised for Tier 2 visas. Meanwhile, doctors in all other specialisms are required to meet certain salary requirements in order to be assured of a Tier 2 visa. In December 2017 this meant a minimum salary of £55,000 per annum and in January 2018 this meant a minimum salary of £50,000 - all doctors earning below this threshold had their applications rejected if they were not on the shortage occupation list. This has impacted international doctors in areas such as elderly care, acute medicine, anaesthetics and surgery which have been widely publicised as severely understaffed and pivotal during winter pressures. All of these doctors are fully qualified to work in the UK and have completed their English Language examinations. Now these doctors are out of work waiting to come to the UK whilst the NHS Trusts that have offered them jobs are waiting with vacant gaps in critical areas.

Full information is available from the Full Fact website

I would like the home office to add all doctor jobs to the shortage occupation list to ensure that Tier 2 visas can be obtained for them. This should include all grades from Consultants through to Non-Consultant and Non-Training posts in specialisms including:

  • Acute / General Medicine (to include sub-specialist areas of Cardiology, Respiratory, Gastroenterology, Elderly Care, Diabetes, Nephrology, Neurology, Stroke)
  • Anaesthetics / Intensive Care
  • General / Specialist Surgery (to include sub-specialist areas of T&O, Ophthalmology, Urology, Breast, Vascular, Upper GI)
  • Pathology (to include Haematology, Histopathology and Microbiology)

I am aware that this has reached the chair of the BMA, a number of Royal College institutions, the shadow health secretary, NHS Education England and numerous MPs however I hope that this petition may encourage a discussion in parliament to add these areas to the Home Office Shortage Occupation list.

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