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Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley to apologise for his defamatory comments. see petition

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In a statement on 22/3/2017 after the terror attack in london, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said that the police are working on the assumption that the attack was Islamic related terrorism but then bizarrely went on to say that the police would be concentrating on tackling "right wing extremism" that the terrorist attack might foster. We the public are hurt and upset that the police along with other leaders continue to defame innocent people in the awake of terror attacks, in a mean of manner to twist it around onto a group of white people (or anyone who is fed up with being labelled a  racist or etc )  that have done nothing wrong.What the leaders and police are doing is actually illegal and against democracy! .If any white person or any person defends themselves, it is a reaction to what they have had to suffer or have been provoked.

There is no such thing as ' right wing' there is such thing called ' right from wrong ' And we the public are disgusted that the home office , police and leaders keep defending the wrong, and attacking and blaming white innocent people for expressing their pain and hurt from these Islamic attacks! They are simply trying to stop exactly what happened on that Wednesday.But the police AGAIN try to twist what the muslim communities get up to behind closed doors onto british people who want to live a normal life.This is absurd and ill educated. To then say they will be protecting the very people who are the centre of carrying out these attacks, or the people who are most racist towards the british and targeting these innocent ' right wing people' or in the governments eyes, anyone who speaks truth and facts about what is really going on..There are more racist attacks on white people, there are more abuse at white people..But the police never protect them from the abuse they have to deal with on a daily basis..No go zones that the police try to cover up , the racial abuse I myself had to suffer , the police do not want to protect the real victims, the real innocent people, and it is slander for all of you to blame white people or anyone who is against terror and being forced to be politically correct , because of said religion says so..We are offended by these views being forced upon us and we have no say or rights.So we take it we have no human rights? yet this Masood violently attacked a white man and slashed his face, and yet allowed to then carry on walking the streets just because of his religion? a racist attack on a white man , then allowed to walk the streets, just think on that please and see where you're going wrong with the justice system! If a white man had done this , wether they were friends or not , it would have been all over the news and he would be called a racist nazi bigot, when in fact the bigotry and nazi behaviour is the other way around.

This is racism at it's finest on the british people and white people in general, as our leaders and the media have portrayed it as ' white' .. White people are NOT to blame for the actions of others..The police etc have now got to stop the lies and slander and protect the people who are really suffering and that's white people or anyone who is a target of harassment and bullying of the muslim communities or the police. White people have NEVER made anyone feel unwelcome, it is the other way around and you know it! but it's far more easier to attack and falsely arrest white british than it is to any other. We demand mark Rowley to apologise for his disgusting comments and reform the police , or legal action WILL be taken. This will stop and the police need to be educated on facts rather than to protect the wrong people. No more bullying from the police, no more defamatory comments made by the police or home office or anyone who is trying to silence the minorities.The british people.

Just to add more facts , muslim communities CHOOSE to not intergrate , we the public have never forced them too..The fact that the so called muslim communitites say we have, is an absolute LIE. (This goes to show the lies and deceit they are up to) And we expect this to be addressed in mark Rowley's apology! They are defaming approx. 6 million british people who are fed up with this ..You cannot falsely accuse all these people of being ' Right Wing' or racist!

What we want to know is why this evil thing who was a "person of interest" based on his "violent extremist actions" in the past by the MI5, was then not being monitored thereafter? Who made the assessment that he no longer posed a threat? What was the assessment that was made and what was the criteria used to down grade his classification and how was criteria applied to reach that conclusion!!!! These questions need to be answered if we are going to prevent a re- occurrence and we owe it to those who have already lost their lives so that they have not died in vain!

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