Amber Rudd: Stop the Detention and Deportation of Right-Wing Speakers Entering the UK

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Over the past week three right-wing speakers have been detained and deported whilst trying to enter the UK to take part in peaceful events and rallies. The grounds for these detentions are spurious at best and ridiculous at worst. Nobody should be prevented from entering a country because their talks may 'cause offense'. None of these individuals (Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner and Lauren Southern) are 'extremists' in any meaningful way and their presence in the UK contributes to this country's healthy and balanced political debate. Criticising religion does not constitute 'racism' and all systems of belief must be open to criticism in a free society.

All three are citizens of countries we consider close allies (the United States, Austria and Canada) and their detention is also an unacceptable way to treat citizens of these countries.

We the undersigned call on the Home Secretary to intervene and stop this blatant abuse of the basic human rights of free speech, free travel and free association.