We Support Amber Heard in Aquaman 2

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Daniel Brummitt
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Amber Heard inspires us! We support her in Aquaman 2 and in any role she has.

Amber is not only powerful as Mera, but she is also an activist for human rights.

She was the first American actress to be named Human Rights Champion to the United Nations Human Rights Office. She's an ambassador for the ACLU, donor to Women's Rights Groups, protector of refugees, and does charity. She has spent years helping children.

She's an inner philanthropist and advocate who should have a voice.

We want to see her in more films, movies, shows, modeling, and work in the entertainment industry. We want to see more equal rights advocacy!

She's a positive influence on us and we should see more of her!

We want powerful women who can be respected and treated equally.

We created this petition because we support women who have been domestically abused and we would prevent violence against women. We want her humanitarian work and leadership to continue. Would you stand up to prevent or stop domestic abuse? The social question is also: "Would you save her?"

Amber Heard was domestically abused by her ex-husband and is still abused by Johnny Depp and his fans, both financially and online daily. We would rather not refer to him, but we need to support women who go against powerful people and believe the victims.

Amber Heard wrote in the Washington Post about how she had to change her phone number weekly due to death threats from Depp fans and how she supports rights: "Amber Heard: I spoke up against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s wrath. That has to change.": https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/ive-seen-how-institutions-protect-men-accused-of-abuse-heres-what-we-can-do/2018/12/18/71fd876a-02ed-11e9-b5df-5d3874f1ac36_story.html

Amber showed photos and detailed descriptions of violence from Depp in her dismissal: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5835867-Amber-Heard-Motion-to-Dismiss.html

IO Tillett witnessed blood on a pillow and was the first to call 911 to protect Amber from her husband: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/gossip/la-et-mg-amber-heard-io-tillett-911-call-20160608-snap-story.html

According to an anonymous source saying she was the partner of ex-JD staff on social media, Staff were on NDAs, witnessed the couple fighting yet would stop interfering, and would check on Amber after their fights. They supported Amber and said she was kicked, hit, and crying, but they were too afraid to witness. Screenshots - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Gy4Pw8yoPVsY3T2VZs_ZQp_9_-FMYwIE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2qFCFd-5C8

To prevent domestic abuse - GET INVOLVED! Believe early, let them escape early.

It's an assault against all women to silence Amber or other victims for speaking out against violence either in spoken words or Op-Eds.

We have to take a stand now. They're trying to remove Amber Heard's jobs, career, resources, financial support, and they harass her and organizations (even the charities, UN, and ACLU) for years for supporting her.

It doesn't matter to these others how much philanthropy or good work she does - she's never perfect enough to them.

We care and we want leaders like Amber Heard who advocate for equality.

Amber Heard - Long-Time Charity, Philanthropy, and Activism:

- Started volunteering at age 12 and spent mornings at an Austin Soup Kitchen

- At age 16, took a stand against her school prom denying a same-sex couple entry by appealing to the ACLU

- Has worked with the Art of Elysium since its inception, a charity that brings the arts into the lives of seriously ill children.

- Has traveled on Amnesty International research missions to the Mexico border, and brought awareness to Syrian refugees living in camps in Jordan.

- Has volunteered for children's hospitals in LA for over a decade. 

- Donated millions of her divorce settlement to the ACLU and the LA Children's Hospital. 

- Is a women's rights ambassador for the ACLU, and a Humans Rights Champion for the United Nations.

- Supporter of Born This Way Foundation, GLAAD, Habitat for Humanity, The Trevor Project, RiseNowUS, Sam's USA, Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, SHIELD Act, Center for Inquiry, World Identity Network, and Human Rights Campaign. 

- Spoken at global events like the UN Social Good Summit, Global Citizen Festival, One Young World Conference, L'Oreal Women of Worth, and Emery Awards Gala.

Duty To Rescue and Duty to Care.

Motivator Network who created this petition supports victims of crime, is anti-crime, is promoting a help network, helping people, motivation, defending others, survival, self-defense, resilience, inspiration, and charity seen on YouTube at: http://youtube.com/c/heromotivators

We have over 90,000 views of "Men Help Woman Being Beaten by Husband in Parking Lot": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyD0aouGM2Q

Thanks to Geek the Dog for waking us up again and sharing this petition! We would prevent and stop domestic abuse, unethical situations, and cyberbullying.

If you don't support victims now, then the agenda to silence them will continue.

We actually were told to not screenshot that partner of ex-staff of JD, but we DID. We were told to not make a petition, but we DID. See something, DO something!

We also got the database fixed for the article on Amber's friend calling 911 for her. It was not showing up: http://refinery29.com/en-us/2016/06/113149/domestic-violence-911-call-famous-friend

We encourage people to help and defend others.

We Stand With You, Amber.