FINES for calling 911 to complain about an Amber Alert

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Recent Amber Alerts in Ontario have been followed with reports of hundreds of calls to 911 by people complaining they have been disturbed by the alert.

These complaints tie up emergency lines and place lives at risk by diverting 911 dispatchers' attention from answering actual emergency calls.

While we all recognize and appreciate that being awoken by an alert can be frightening, we understand that these alerts are crucial in helping save children in danger. While you're able to go back to sleep, that family is in fight mode.

An alert meant to help a child in danger should never put another life at risk. To ensure that others are not impeded when calling 911 for emergency assistance, we, the undersigned, are requesting a mandatory administrative monetary penalty of $250 be imposed on any person who interferes with emergency services by calling 911 to complain about an Amber Alert.

This fine is just a start, and if someone has multiple complaints, the fine should be raised.

If it was my kid, you'd be getting an alert every 5 minutes!