Urgent Appeal: Dog and Cat Meat Trade to be listed and discussed on United Nations Agenda

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Urgent Appeal: Dog and Cat Meat Trade to be listed and discussed on United Nations Agenda

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World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade started this petition to Ambassador Samantha Power, Permanent Representative to the United Nations (United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations) and


It's hard to believe that once again the horrific Yulin Festival has taken place in China again. Our charity knows the only way to end such " festivals" is to end this trade not just in China but throughout Asia.

Having seen first hand the cruelty dogs and cats are subjected to and children are witness to  we urge you to add this issue to the UN Agenda for discussion.

 It has been over a year since the  Chinese Ministry of Agriculture recognised dog meat is a violation of food safety laws and Dr. Hirofumi Kugita pledged to boost in-depth cooperation in animal health and veterinary public health between OIE and China. 

Officials such as Michael Tien have spoken out publicly raising issues of food safety and ethics

We therefore continue to raise an impassioned plea as we take to the streets as the summer Korean " Dog Eating Days" approach   for Ambassador Delegates at the United Nations Samantha Power (United States) and Mathew Rycroft (United Kingdom) to act. It is time for our respective Ambassador delegates to schedule the issue of animal cruelty and the heinous dog and cat meat trade on the United Nations Agenda.

No child should witness "in a party atmosphere" dogs being skinned alive (many former pets) and cats plunged into boiling water. No health conscious parent can condone eating the meat of tortured animals without regard to sanitation and animal welfare. No thinking person can agree that any animal deserves to be transported for hours without food or water and then disposed of as a commodity without any regard to basic welfare. This issue has been debated in UK parliament and raised in USA senate.

Celebrities, activists and welfare groups agree this systematic torture of a sentient being is a matter of grave concern and has no place in our Millennium.

Your respective roles as official representatives of a Member State, duly inscribed on the Organisation’s agenda and voted by the Membership place you in the unique position to request tabling of these matters.

 We urge you to act now and be minded that although "Yulin is Over" the summer torture fests of sentient beings in South Korea, Indonesia and beyond begin.


Julia de Cadenet CEO

For and on behalf of : World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade, 17 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0PH.

UK registered charity 1154524

USA 501 (c) 3



A copy of this letter will be sent to all member delegates by email and by post to : 
United Nations
Public Inquiries
Room: GA-1B-31
New York, NY 10017

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This petition had 17,256 supporters

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