Bio-metric Center in Perth W.A for Hajj/Umra Visa Applicants

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In January 2019 Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canberra has implemented an additional requirement of going through Bio-metrics scanning before lodging an application for Umrah and Hajj visa. Approximately, 60,000 Muslims live in Western Australia and I believe everyone is willing to fulfill this requirement but the problem is that there is no Bio-metrics center in Western Australia. The nearest bio-metric centers are in New South Wales and Victoria; which is 4000km away from where the Muslims of Western Australia live. Travelling from one end of the Australia to the other end, costs a substantial amount of time and money, which is very difficult to afford.

To put this into perspective, On an average, for a small family of four people (Father, Mother, Son and Daughter), it costs around $3000 to attend the current Bio-metrics center in Melbourne or Sydney.

We, the Muslims of Western Australia, request the authorities to please set up a Bio-metrics Center in Perth Western Australia as soon as practically possible. School holidays are coming up in April and most of us have intentions to perform Umrah with our families and group of friends. So we hereby ask for an option, which is cost effective and affordable for an ordinary citizen.

Please give consideration to our humble request and do not deprive us and our upcoming generation from performing Hajj and Umrahs.

We look forward to hearing a favorable out come from you.

Kind Regards,

Muslim Community of Western Australia