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Help Us Provide Medical Relief for Venezuela

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Venezuela’s current state of affairs is one of complete desperation, and extensive economic, humanitarian, and health care crises. President Nicolas Maduro has taken advantage of the Venezuelan people through the use of systematic human rights and liberties violations, widespread military violence, repression, political persecution, the accumulation of political prisoners, and censorship. 

The Venezuelan people are being subject to food scarcity, as well as to severe pharmaceutical drug and medical equipment deficiencies. Surgeries are often carry out without anesthesia, and the incidence of preventable diseases such as malaria, diphtheria and measles has begun to rise. Last year alone, 11 000 infants did not live to see the richness and vibrancy of their country, either as a result of malnutrition or lack of access to medical resources. The people of Venezuela are in desperate need of a large influx of medical supplies and alimentation as a short-term solution to a problem that requires long-term political processes and negotiations. 

Though state sovereignty is protected by Article 2(7) in the UN Charter, and according to international legal frameworks, the Organization of American States (OAS) cannot physically intervene in Venezuela without a UN mandate, I propose that we use transnational actors as a means of sending medical supplies without infringing upon Venezuela’s state sovereignty. 

In 2001, the ICISS adopted the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, which clarified the procedures and criteria for determining the methods and frequency of international intervention. Though it offers economic, judicial and military avenues through which countries can coerce a given state to address its humanitarian crises, I don’t believe the latter two would be effective in this case, as they would only further destabilize Venezuela's current political climate. Rather, one could enlist the aid of international relief organizations such as the Canadian Red Cross, the World Health Organization, and Doctors without Borders, under the conditions set by excusable breach and the Responsibility to Protect.

Please help me relay this message to Ambassador Loten, our Canadian representative in the Organization of American States (OAS) so that we may at the very least initiate a dialogue and construct a strategy that would allow us to better help the brave people of Venezuela in reclaiming their rights to peace and basic human dignity. 

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