Plz sign this petition to free lebanon from bad politiciansTill they get their demands.

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sign this petition to free lebanon from bad politicians .

Lebanese people are striking peacefully since Thursday 17th of October, demanding the government to step down after many failures in responding to the country’s biggest issues especially the fire hazard that happened lately and seriously damaged the forests.
The revolution and strikes are taking place all over Lebanon from south to north. People are holding the Lebanese flag, embracing each other despite the religious and political differences, cleaning the streets, collaborating with the army and asking to form a neutral and competent government.
Lebanese diaspora all over the world is supporting the revolution by organizing marches in front of their consulate.
Worldwide news is talking about the revolution. Internet is flooded with pictures and videos of the people demands. Yet the government is ignoring it. Worse, the army is receiving orders to attack the protesters and open the roads and the “Lebanon TV” is prohibited to cover the revolution.

1.The resigning of the Government
2.  New small size government of technocrats
3. New parliament elections based on Lebanese unity and not Religions.
4.  arresting and judging all the corrupted ministers and Parliament members since 1990
5. Bringing back all the stolen money in 30 years $800 billions

6. Abolishing all sectarian laws and regulations and establishing the civil republic of Lebanon where all citizens are equal in rights and obligations

7. Abolishing all religious courts and establishing a  unified civil court in family matters.

8.Enacting a new election law on the basis of the new civil republic of Lebanon, where all Lebanese can elect their representatives.

9.Enact a new law for the Separation of the judicial authority from the political one and ensuring the independence of the judiciary.

10.Enacting a new Law on public accountability where all public servants including judges, ministers and parliamentarians will be accountable to any corruption or misuse of public authority

11. Abolishing the bank secrecy for all public servants with a retroactive effect.

12.Ensuring the basic human right to protest without any abuse of power against peaceful protesters.