stop the go ahead of council contract with Campbelltown hospital to use ambarvale car park

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hi this is a petition to stop Campbelltown council’s contract with Campbelltown hospital in regards to ambarvales shared car park

its come to the attention of the ambarvale and surrounding community that the council has gotten a contract with Campbelltown hospital to shut down the car park at the hospital and have patients staff and visitors use the shared car park and the back of ambarvale public school.

a shuttle bus will pick them up from the car park and take them to and from the hospital, and some will be parked there all day!! we aren’t sure how long these plans have been kept under wraps but there’s all ready a bus stop there ready to go and no one was made aware of this.

the issue is that anyone who has a child that goes to ambarvale public school know that most parents use the back car park as it’s a safer option for the kids to enter and leave the school as there isn’t much on coming traffic, where as the front of the school there isn’t enough room for drops offs let along parking.

this is why the back is a better option we understand that it is a council car park and we don’t have to be notified of it, but there was no consideration when it came to the school kids the back car park is also used for parking during assembly’s school events etc so we will be made to park out the front? and what if there isn’t anywhere to park? 

so anyone who had a child who attends ambarvale public school please take the time to sign this  petition there has to be another option that doesn’t affect a school thank you!!