Stop using Tear Gas in Arab World

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The tear gas being used against pro-democracy demonstrators in the rab world and precisely in the Middle East is made in the USA.

There have been reports of deaths and injuries from the use of tear gas in Arab world. Protestors are reporting the tear gas is stronger than that used in the protests earlier this year, and tell of burns, coughing fits, chest pains, blurred vision, and more.

The "Made in the USA"-branded tear gas canisters are being used to suppress democracy and injure and intimidate civilians. The US Government has a role to uphold democratic values abroad, and prevent the US and US companies from being complicit in the violent suppression of democracy.

The Secretary of State and Secretary of Commerce have the ability to revoke the export licenses of US companies that sell tear gas to the Arab States for the use on civilians.

Stand with the dockworkers refusing to unload this potentially lethal gas for use against their fellow compatriots, and urge Secretary Pompeo to stop the US selling tear gas for use in Arab Streets.