Petitioning Amazon Jeff Bezos

.@AmazonUK: pay your workers a Living Wage

If they can afford to sponsor Downton Abbey, they can afford to pay their workers a Living Wage.

This Christmas, as Amazon hires thousands more temporary staff on poverty pay, let's make sure they hear tens of thousands of us calling on them to do the right thing: pay their workers a fair wage they can live on.


Why do we want Amazon to pay the Living Wage?

Amazon has more than enough money to pay its workers (both permanent employees and contracted agency workers) the Living Wage. This is the wage needed to support a basic standard of living. With UK sales in 2012 of £4.2billion, you'd think Amazon could afford to pay its workers enough to be able to feed and clothe themselves and their families.

And unacceptably low pay isn't all Amazon does to demean its workers: 

A sack-if-you're-sick policy that sees you turfed out if you take 3 sick breaks in a 3 month period

Giving workers 15 minute breaks that start wherever they are in the giant warehouses

10 hour days

Compulsory overtime

Monitoring and timing toilet breaks

Half-a-point if you're 1 minute late or more (3 points and you're out)

Paying the minimum wage or just above it, when it could well afford to pay the Living Wage

A 'performance console' that tracks and logs workers' activities so they can be released if their 'pick rate' is too slow

I don't know about you, but I find it pretty disgusting. It's time for Amazon to listen up and listen hard. It can't ignore us forever. Paying the Living Wage will be a big step in the right direction.

Do what's best for your workers (permanent and agency), Amazon: become an accredited Living Wage employer across your UK operations. God knows, you could do with a good news story.

You can read the stories from Amazon workers across the UK here:


The campaign so far

Despite billions in sales and a commitment to be "Earth's most customer-centric company", Amazon still has some way to go to respond to over 65,000 of us. They have increased their basic rate of pay by 20p (*the price of a Curly Wurly!), which is still below a Living Wage, and have refused to answer any questions about how they treat and pay their thousands of employees on insecure, temporary contracts.

Toegther we've kept the pressure on Amazon in the past year, and their reputation - especially in the press - has been damaged as a result. You can read more of what we've got up to here! But now, it's time to take things up a notch: Christmas is Amazon's busiest time of year, and so it's also our best time to disrupt thier business. 

If they won't pay their workers properly, then we won't pay them. So: are you up for a challenge? Can you avoid shopping at Amazon this Christmas? We know going cold turkey is hard – but we’ll provide you with support to help you shop somewhere better:

Sign up here and take the Amazon-Free Challenge this Christmas 

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Letter to
Amazon Jeff Bezos
Amazon, please become a Living Wage employer across UK operations

I have signed this petition to call on you to pay all your workers in the UK, including contracted workers, the Living Wage. This is the amount needed to provide the essentials of life. You can find out more about the Living Wage and how to become an accredited Living Wage employer on the Living Wage Foundation's website:

Amazon is a hugely successful company. With UK sales last year of £4.2bn, I believe that you can afford to pay your workers the Living Wage. Doing so would benefit their wellbeing and their families, but it would also potentially improve their productivity and reduce absenteeism. As such, becoming a Living Wage employer would benefit not only your workforce but your company too.

Please do what's best for society and for business: become a Living Wage employer across your UK operations.