Revive the Stargate Franchise

Revive the Stargate Franchise

August 28, 2020
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Head of Amazon and MGM Studios Jennifer Salke
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Why this petition matters

Started by The Popcast

SAVE THE GATE! One of the Top Science Fiction TV franchises of all time, Stargate has been off the air now for over a decade and the fandom is ready for a new Stargate series!

The return of Star Trek and Doctor Who as well as the success of TV shows like The Orville and The Expanse are proof that Stargate can be successful on any one of today's streaming services.

Amazon is less than certain that Stargate fans would support the high cost of a quality TV show and as a result are hesitant to bringing the show back in a new form. 

By signing this petition, you are promising to support new Stargate!

It is up to us to convince executives at Amazon that creating a new show will have very little financial risk because the fandom is financially, emotionally and socially ready to support any new project that holds true to the canon of the franchise while harnessing the talent of show creator Brad Wright and to bring a new version of the show to today's audiences. 

The Science Fiction community needs rich and diverse platforms to continue the success of the genre. Stargate represents tradition and success in Science Fiction and should be one of the flagship shows trailblazing a path into our new streaming age.

Not Sold? Maybe Master Bra'tac of Chulak can convince you!

For over a decade, the celestial gateway of the Chappa'ai has remained dormant, casting a longing shadow upon the hearts of its devoted followers. But the time has come, warriors of the tau'ri! Rally your spirits and brace yourselves, for we stand at the threshold of a new Stargate series, yearning to emerge from the cosmic depths!

Behold the resurgence of legendary Science Fiction TV franchises like Star Trek and Doctor Who, soaring gloriously through time and space once more. Witness the triumphant conquests of The Orville and The Expanse, captivating viewers with their cosmic odysseys. These are the undeniable signs that the Stargate universe can blaze a trail of brilliance upon any streaming service in the present era!

Yet, amidst the stars' shimmering dance, shadows loom over our quest. Amazon, the cosmic colossus, hesitates at the threshold of this grand undertaking. They question us as Shol'va whether  the loyal Stargate fans possess the mettle to support the celestial cost of crafting a high-caliber TV show. But we are not Shol'vas, we are the valiant supporters of Stargate, stand tall and resolute, ready to prove our unwavering dedication to this cosmic cause.

With valor and conviction, we wield this petition as our battle standard, a testament to our unyielding commitment to breathe life back into Stargate's hallowed cosmos. By inscribing your name upon its scrolls, you, brave warriors, swear your allegiance to the cause—to stand as a united front, fortified by your unwavering support.

Rally forth, for the fate of Stargate lies within our grasp! We must venture into the very heart of Amazon's citadel, where their doubt and hesitation must crumble before the unrelenting might of our cosmic will. We shall forge an unassailable argument, demonstrating that the investment in this new saga holds minimal financial risk. The galaxy of fans, bound together financially, emotionally, and socially, stands as an impenetrable fortress, ready to embrace any undertaking that stays true to the cherished legacy of the franchise.

We must unleash the cosmic brilliance of our visionary helmsman, Brad Wright, upon this endeavor. Let his creative prowess illuminate the firmament, shaping a new incarnation of Stargate that shall enrapture today's audiences with its timeless magic.

Behold the grand tapestry of Science Fiction, interwoven with myriad dreams and visions! Stargate, as an emblem of tradition and success, must claim its rightful place as a vanguard of the genre. It shall pierce the celestial veil of the streaming age, leaving a trail of stardust and inspiration for generations to come.

Summon the echoes of valor and camaraderie from the annals of Stargate lore! Just as the intrepid explorers once ventured forth through the shimmering wormholes, we, the new generation of cosmic voyagers, shall heed the call to adventure. Together, we shall triumph over adversity, rekindling the blazing fires of Stargate's celestial beacon.

Let our battle cry resound across the cosmos, heard by stars and galaxies alike! For in our hearts, the conviction burns brighter than a thousand suns. Let the cosmos tremble with the might of our passion and purpose, as we surge into the cosmic battlefield, paving the way for a glorious Stargate renaissance!

Fear not the challenges ahead, for we are the cosmic warriors, ready to embrace the unknown and reignite the Stargate legacy. This is the hour of our triumph, the moment when we seize destiny and carve our celestial path through the streaming age!

Onward, noble cosmic warriors! For today, we march to battle, inscribing our names upon this sacred scroll, and tomorrow, we emerge victorious, witnessing the rebirth of Stargate in all its magnificence! Let the stars bear witness to our valor, for we are the ones who shall lead Stargate to its rightful place among the constellations of Science Fiction's greatest epics!

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Signatures: 38,554Next Goal: 50,000
Support now

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