Petition Closed warehouse workers are people, not machines! treats warehouse workers like machines, working them to exhaustion and replacing them when they quit, are injured, or suffer heat-related illness. They do this because millions of customers demand fast, cheap shipping. They do this because people desperate for work in today's economy will put up with abusive conditions in order to support themselves and their families. They do it because both the state of Pennsylvania and the government of the United States permit it through official inaction.

They do it because we the people let them get away with it.

As a longtime customer, I have unwittingly contributed to these abuses by buying from Amazon. I have expressed my concerns, cancelled all unfulfilled orders, and stated my intention to do no further business with until these abuses of warehouse workers are corrected, but I am just one person.

This petition was delivered to:
  • CEO,
    Jeff Bezos
  • US Secretary of Labor
    Hilda L. Solis
  • Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry
    Julia K. Hearthway

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