Tell Amazon to Reduce Plastic Packaging for Non-Breakable Items

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Recently, I ordered a book from Amazon. It came with 3 layers of plastic air bubble packaging. It was not only annoying for me to deal with the excess packaging it made no sense! How would a book be so damaged by shipping that it needed 3 layers of protection? This is waste just for the sake of waste. This plastic never ever decomposes in the environment. Every year over 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the ocean. That’s the same weight as 80,000 blue whales! Packaging is a huge source of this waste. 

We all want clean beaches, a healthy ocean, and environment. This is a way we can all reduce our plastic use from shipping no matter where we live. I don't want the same plastic packaging that came with my Amazon orders littering the beaches and playgrounds my grandkids will be playing on 40 years from now

Lets tell Amazon to give their customers a choice when it comes to packaging. Let’s tell Amazon to take a stand against plastic pollution and offer their customers a choice at check out to reduce their plastic packaging if the customer feels the item they are ordering will not be compromised by reduced packaging. 

This would be simple for Amazon. It's as simple as providing a box to click at checkout allowing the customer to say they would like their order shipped with reduced plastic packaging.