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Amazon Studios produce MONTY CLIFT biopic starring MATT BOMER

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Fans all over the world have been waiting for years to see the much anticipated MONTGOMERY CLIFT biopic starring Emmy nominee and Golden Globe Award winner, MATT BOMER, in the titular role.

Amazon Studios is currently producing Matt's series, THE LAST TYCOON. All of Matt's fans voted for the series, watch it unfailingly, and love it. We know that Amazon will be a fantastic production partner for the Monty film as well.

Matt has expressed many times how important the MONTY CLIFT project is to him, that it is, in fact, his lifelong passion project. He said in a recent interview, "I saw myself in him. I feel like someone is responsible for letting people know how important he was -- culturally, socially, but most importantly as an artist."

This petition is to let Amazon Studios know that we agree with Matt. Fans all over the world want to see this film. We've waited long enough. Please tell this story!

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