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Amazon, please stop selling sex trafficking how-to books

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We the undersigned respectfully request that pull all books* that give instructions on how to become a human sex trafficker, oftentimes called a “pimp.”

We are NOT asking Amazon to remove the hundreds of other books about pimps, just the ones written by known or jailed sex traffickers that give step-by-step guidance.

Since the majority of “pimp” sex traffickers look for underage children (75%*), then rape (90%); kick; and beat (90%) these “ho” victims, we believe it is in the best interest of the public that pimp “how-to” books no longer be sold commercially at the world’s largest online book retailer.

And since a pimp will force their “ho” victims to have sex with hundreds of men (92%); use drugs (28%); and undergo abortions (27%), removal of these books would send a clear message to would-be “pimp” sex traffickers that this victimization of human beings is not something to which they should aspire.

We do not ask this lightly. The idea of censorship bothers us, as it should bother all Americans. We firmly believe in the freedom of speech. And this is why we are only asking that one company — — stop selling these books. They will still be available, just not as easily accessed.

* — For a complete list of the books as well as a list of statistical references, please go to

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