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Amazon - Stop Selling Cruel Steel-Jaw Leghold Traps!

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On, buying a coil-spring animal trap is as easy as clicking a button. But while it's surprisingly simple to purchase these traps, what the sellers won’t tell you is how much pain and suffering these cruel traps inflict on animals.

One of the most common types of traps sold on Amazon is the steel-jaw leghold trap. When the animal steps on this trap, a spring-loaded steel jaw clamps down on their foot, often breaking their leg immediately. These inhumane traps can also cause severe swelling, limb amputation, and sometimes even death.

And while trappers want people to believe that they’re selective with the animals they trap, the truth is that they can’t control which animals get caught. One study found that 76% of the time, the animal caught in a trap was a non-target animal. Trappers call these animals “trash animals.”

Some argue that trapping controls the spread of disease in animal populations. But many health organizations, including the Center for Disease Control, say that there is no evidence that trapping decreases the spread of diseases. In fact, it’s been found that trapping can actually increase spreading of disease because it often takes out mature animals that are immune to diseases.

Please stand up for the innocent animals that too often have their lives cut short by these torture devices. Sign now to tell Amazon to stop selling these cruel traps immediately!

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