Stop Plagiarism

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In the wake of the #CopyPasteCris, we, as writers, readers, and lovers of words, petition and emplore all online booksellers to adopt and enforce anti-plagiarism policies on their sites.

With the ease of self-publishing, scammers are publishing works plagiarized from elite authors, particularly in the Romance genre, and profiting from the honest, hard work of others. This practice makes it next to impossible for legitimate authors to succeed in a very competitive field. The only way to stop these liars and thieves is at the point of sale. Online book retailers shouldn't be allowing this despicable practice to occur. They should be employing the use of anti-plagiarism software to screen for such willful criminal activity, but that's not happening. They're making money from these scams as well, so they have no incentive to stop allowing them to publish on their sites.

Online booksellers, stop publishing plagiarized works on your websites.