Stop Amazon and others selling racist books

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Amazon is still selling racist and offensive material online. I recently found out that they are selling Ten little nigger boys as a collectible item online. This book was written at a time when Black people were still being lynched and called this offensive word ,often as they were being targeted in racist attacks. Fast forward to 2020 and I'm appalled to see this book is still in circulation, and even worse as a collectible item , in some places selling for thousands! You can't put a price on racism, the fact that it is selling for such a high price disgusts me even more ,to think that there are still people who want to purchase such offensive material in this day and age. Hate crime is still at an all time high all over the world. We are seeing attacks on Black people not just by strangers ,but by people in positions of power, who are meant to protect and serve. Continuing to sell such material is not just morally wrong, but continues to perpetuate the most negative and offensive stereotypes of Black people in this modern age.

I am calling on people all over the globe to stand up against this company to pull it from sale and issue an apology.