Jaws of protected Mako sharks sold online, ask Amazon to remove them!

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Shark jaws are available on Amazon and the saddest part is that people are buying these souvenirs. Amazon is also selling baby sharks in jars and claiming they were harvested in an ethical way. Sharks belong in the ocean, they shouldn't be killed and sold online.

With the recent study by the journal nature claiming how shark populations fell by 71.1% from 1970 to 2018, we find it outrageous these items are still available. Since a great majority of these predators are facing extinction, it is unsustainable to continue selling parts of an animal who plays a crucial role in balancing marine ecosystems. The jaws being priced online come from mako sharks. The store Pepperlonely on Amazon sells them. Mako sharks are a protected species under CITES, this is an international agreement aimed at regulating the international trade of endangered species within sustainable levels. These sharks are a crucial part of the marine biodiversity and do not deserve to be hunted for their parts. An ocean with less sharks, means less health in the ocean and on land, and this is definitely not what we are aiming for during global environmental crises. 

We demand that Amazon stops selling jaws of protected sharks species like Mako sharks, because until then we, conservationists, citizens of earth and environmentalists everywhere will Boycott this chain and stores until they no longer support the decimation of mako sharks.

Stand with us, against the slaughter of sharks and Boycott Amazon.

Source Journal Nature: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-03173-9?utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=commission_junction&utm_campaign=3_nsn6445_deeplink_PID100098454&utm_content=deeplink