February 8, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sabine MAAS

Amazon! Everything from A to Z, including child labour.

Need a toothbrush? Amazon's got it. Need a prom dress? Amazon's got it. Need a gun? Amazon's got it.

Amazon may seem like a consumers paradise. But what allows one website to offer so much variety at the click of a button? How is it possible? Here is the dark truth:

Despite their innovative technologies, this multi-billion dollar company is severely behind when it comes to human rights. Amazon currently employs over 1.5 MILLION PEOPLE, yet fails to comply with many contemporary labour laws. In past years, several employees have come forward exposing Jeff Bezos and his cruelty. For example, children in China are being forced to work overnight in order to make Alexa devices, despite the labour laws in place. 

"I love my Alexa though!" Well, next time you blindly purchase a product from Amazon, consider the blood, sweat, and tears (literally) that went into its manufacturing. 

Now you may be wondering, if the conditions were so bad, why hasn't anyone done anything? GREAT QUESTION!

After enduring this modern-day slavery for many years, Amazon employees attempted to make a stand. A petition was signed by over 600 employees demanding better working conditions. Their asks were frugal:

1. To change their two 15-minute breaks into one 30 minute one because the commute to leave the warehouse would often take up their entire break. 

2. To implement better safety regulations due to the high injury rate.

Amazon came up with a "solution": to install video cameras to "monitor the safety of their workers." Ironic considering that these same workers probably built the cameras being used.

This needs to change.

This petition aims to stand in solidarity with Amazon's employees. Strength is in numbers, let's turn that 600 into 6 million, then maybe Deaf Bezos will hear us!

Our solution: Boycott Amazon. Support local businesses. Get off your butt and buy your paper towel yourself. Hold Bezos accountable AND SIGN THIS PETITION!

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Signatures: 12Next Goal: 25
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