Restore my reviewing rights

Restore my reviewing rights

December 6, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Vickie Carter

Amazon Review Statuses are being "revoked" for many customers with no notice beyond a rude email. This creates problems for both customers and product sellers. As you may be aware, reviews are often *vital* for customers searching for quality products, and for sellers to promote their products. 

One of the groups to be potentially hardest hit is Authors. Many authors rely on reviews for their books to make sales. And reviews are even *more* important to authors who are small, self-published writers. To even get a "push" to their books by Amazon, they must have over 10 reviews! 

For an unspecified reason, I have been targeted as a customer for the revoking of my review privileges. I have tried to go through the customer service department to determine *why* my privileges were suddenly revoked (I received a rude email in late January, 2018 stating I no longer would be allowed to review), and after calling customer service twice, the second time requesting a supervisor, (which was refused to me), I was told that all the rep could do was email the department responsible, and I'd receive a response in 24-48 hours. The first time I heard nothing. The second time, I got the following email:

Your Account
Message From Customer Service


We have determined that you have violated our Community Guidelines. As a result, we have suppressed all of your reviews, and you will no longer be able to post community content on Amazon. This includes Customer Reviews.

Customer Reviews are meant to give customers unbiased product feedback from fellow shoppers. Because our goal is to provide Customer Reviews that help customers make informed purchase decisions, any accounts and reviews that could be viewed as advertising, promotional, or biased will be removed.

Your community privileges may have been revoked for one or more of the following reasons:
(★)-- Elements of your account indicate a relationship to sellers, publishers, or other reviewers of the products you review.
-- Your reviews were posted in exchange for compensation, such as gift cards to purchase the product, product refunds, review swaps, or free or discounted products.
-- You requested free or discounted products in exchange for reviews.

We made this decision after carefully considering your account. This decision is final, and your community privileges will not be reinstated.

To learn more about our policies, please review the following on
-- Community Guidelines (
-- Anti-Manipulation Policy for Customer Reviews (
-- About Promotional Content (

We cannot share any further information about this decision, and we may not reply to further emails about this issue.

Best regards, "

Now, I have NEVER knowingly made a review that violated the TOS (Terms of Service), but it has come to my attention that at some point recently, those TOS were updated/rewritten and not disclosed to customers. I feel that this is unfair business practices. If this is not resolved positively, I plan to quit doing most of my business with them.

However, they have me at a disadvantage: I use a Kindle for my books, and have had one almost since the inception of Kindle. I can not afford to transfer to another device. So I'm still going to have to spend good money with a company that does not seem to value me as a customer any longer. 

Please help me show Amazon that we do *not* appreciate these actions; that we call for more transparency in regards to changes to rules that affect us all.

I aim to make Amazon aware that this treatment is soon to send a loyal customer for over 10 years away...taking my money with me!

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Signatures: 23Next Goal: 25
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